Women in tech event

As a growing initiative, Women in Tech took the opportunity to sponsor our first conference and career fair: Wonder Women Tech in Long Beach, CA. Our sponsorship would include the creation of a “Mindfulness Zone” for the conference. This would be the first public recruiting event where our MINDBODY brand showcased the Women in Tech resource group.


Women in Tech is a grassroots resource group of women and allies at MINDBODY. Our mission is to provide women and underrepresented groups of all ages with academic and professional resources to pursue lasting, fulfilling resources in tech.

As the WIT Social Chair, I partnered with our Sponsorship Chair to take on this exciting endeavor. Mind you, we aren’t event planners. But we had a vision, we planned, we pivoted, and we executed. It was a ton of work that required organization and delegation from us as leaders. It involved boards for tracking progress, meticulous budget management, and countless emails asking people outside of our team for help.



Our primary goal was to attract and recruit diverse talent for technical roles. Secondarily, we asked the questions—how might we leverage MINDBODY’s mission of connecting the world to wellness? How can we make wellness more accessible?

The Wonder Women Tech conference was accessible to a diverse range of attendees—tickets were low cost, child-care was provided, and the career fair was open to the public. The conference explores D&I strategies, radical accessibility, safe spaces, and social entrepreneurship.

In crafting our vision for our booth, we found ourselves at the intersection of innovation and self care. Our mission is to provide women with resources to pursue lasting, fulfilling resources in tech—and we began to realize that wellness plays a critical role in this.


These are cards that I designed and wrote copy for. Each card had our contact info on the back and were handed out to conference attendees.


The Mindfulness Zone would serve as an oasis for attendees of the conference. Our inspiration came from the wellness experts we know best—our MINDBODY customers. We planned to set up a booth for chair massages, provide guided meditation, and host a yoga class. We hired real customers to help us execute our vision and used MINDBODY products to make it happen. It was awesome.



Our booth was a huge success. Massages were booked back-to-back throughout the whole conference. We drove downloads and awareness of our MINDBODY consumer app for booking the massages and yoga class. Our yoga class had roughly 15 attendees. We gathered 75+ resumes for potential candidates. We met some powerhouse women. This event has served as a case study for what MINDBODY is capable of.



The planning and execution of this event was an ambitious initiative for our grassroots team. If the company is serious about increasing diversity and inclusivity, they need to put more money and resources toward having a presence at conferences like Wonder Women Tech. Planning events like this could be a full time job (and it is). What we—as advocates of diversity and inclusivity—will continue to do is encourage MINDBODY to invest in having a brand and recruiting presence at conferences that center the voices of women and minorities in tech. WIT is now positioned as a resource/expert for these types of initiatives within the company.

Skills used

  • Branding

  • Copywriting

  • Leading a team

  • Event planning

  • Booth design

  • Budgeting